100 word chalenge by nojus

my faverate book.

My most faverate is one of my presents from my grandma.It is called "Diary of a wimpy kid" however 
it is writin in lithuanian.(Thats right I am Lithuanian).

Allthough I cannot read in lithuanian I learn to as I read at least a page a day it still is a
phomanal book!

Allthough I know that some words may be troublesome to read , useally I normally scoll through the
book I enjoy edmiering the illestrations.

My most liked feature is looking at all the speech bubbles as they can be extreamly entertaining
for words like you ninkinpoop!

2 thoughts on “100 word chalenge by nojus

  1. I am so impressed that you are trying to read a book in Lithuanian! Maybe if you have an English copy of the book alongside your Lithuanian copy, you might be able to start recognising words. I think being able to speak two languages is an amazing thing. I love languages too and can speak French quite well and know some Japanese.
    Very well done on your 100 Word Challenge entry. Good luck with reading your book.

    • Is is quite tricky though as parents will not buy me the English version.

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