100 Word Challenge

Here is the first 100 Word Challenge for the new school year from Mrs Skinner.

Welcome to the first 100 Word Challenge of this year! It promises to be a great year with lots of brilliant prompts to help with your writing.

The first prompt is:

…. looking behind me, I saw …

You have 100 words plus the 5 in the prompt. Really think hard about the words you use and don’t forget to make your pieces as exciting and creative as possible.

The link will open at midnight and stay open until 9pm (GMT+1) on Tues 18th September.

Please make sure you fist the 100 W C blog and comment on at least 2 posts.

2 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. Looking behind me I saw a petrifying monster. It has violet pokerdots on its back. The monster has a dozen of eyeballs. The monster has a purple poisiness talons. It also has a ruby red body.His name is Rumble. He has a group of razor sharp teeth. The horrible monster has ears as long as a double decker bus. He also is as tall as the sky. He has a wart bogger than a house.

  2. Austin the puppy
    At christmas time my mum and dad bought me a pure white puppy. They wanted to keep it a secret frome me so i didint find out. As i looked behind me, i noticed there was a silver and shiney pasle. I wondered who it was for so I looked at the name tag and it was for me. YAY!
    I gazed at the pasle and I hered a bark. I unpared the rapper and OUT came a puppy.
    After a while I started to think of a name for it. I thought of Austen. The next day I took him out for a walk to the park and I met my friend and her dog.

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