Faith -100 word challenge

My favorite book is called all the princesses it is special to me  because my daddy got me it. Also because  I have had eta for a very long I will tell you about it… it have a wundifall stor y about buooty and the beest it is a bran now wune bell is out in the snow she found a dooty puppy she brang him in   dorse and dride him  of then suddenly the beest came in he was not happy bell and the beest was haveing a big fite. the puppy ran a waiye bell went looking for the puppy .

One thought on “Faith -100 word challenge

  1. Mrs Halford Team 100wc
    Hello Faith, well done for writing about your book for the 100WC challenge. It sounds like you really enjoyed the book. Don’t forget to always put those capitals at the start of your sentences!
    If you add in who wrote the book it will help other children to find a copy if they also want to read it. Keep on reading and blogging 🙂

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