Jaicee H 100 challenge

My favourite book is:  I don’t want that cat!!!

This book is about a little girl finding the perfect cat for her presant.So this is my discripsion of that book.

I think the little girl is called Grace.It’s the 20th of July her birthday her pearants promised her a cat. Her pearants went to work and left her at the cat shop. She sat on their couch and asked for each one of thier cats.She was scared of being on her own. Any who she carred on with what she was doing. She wanted the perfect cat. She was happy .



2 thoughts on “Jaicee H 100 challenge

  1. Excellent writing! Kensuke Kingdom is my Michael Morpurgo favourite.

  2. To Jaicee

    You have described this book really well! I am glad Grace got a cat for her birthday. Why was Grace scared of being on her own? I bet the cat now keeps her company!
    Great writing!

    From Mrs Natusch
    Team 100WC
    (also room 7 teacher, Vardon School, NZ http://room7vardonschool.blogspot.co.nz/)

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