Jodie 100 word Challenge

125 true amazing facts about animals

125 true amazing facts about animals is true storys about amazing animals. My favourite part is a paragraph about a dog riding a pony. The dog sites on the pony as she takes it for a ride. It also talks about dogs to mice saving there family and even people who isn’t there family. it is the best book ever! I love animals therefore I really like it. On the first page it had a picture of a dog sitting on the back of the car and in the front seet there is a bull sitting there.

One thought on “Jodie 100 word Challenge

  1. Non-fiction books are great to read and can help in developing our reading and writing skills just as much as fiction. This book sounds very interesting and quite funny too.

    Make sure you read through your work carefully, Jodie, and check for typing and spelling errors: ‘sites’ should be ‘sits’ and ‘seet’ should be ‘seat’.

    I hope you continue to enjoy reading lots of different books 🙂

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