Kye and Narayan 100 word chaling

The rainforest is are favroot bookin the class. THe part of are story is the best part in are book the monkeys are making a raket because they cant find there bananas. Then the giant ants comes and hit them in there face.Then the mad monkeys are going to get there food then they find there scrumshoos food.Then the mouse comes and said stop making a raketover wise I will get you and hert you Im not joking I will hert you till you go crazy. then a tiger came along and chase you then the monkeys switly swings away and never comes back.

2 thoughts on “Kye and Narayan 100 word chaling

  1. Hello Kye and Narayan – well you clearly enjoyed reading this book! Your enthusiasm for it is leaping out of the screen! One way to improve even more is by careful proof-reading – can you spot any small mistakes? Eg: think about the difference between there/their.
    Keep on reading!
    Mr Kenyon (Team 100wc)

  2. Hi Kye and Narayan,

    It is lovely to see the enthusiasm you both have for your book. The rainforest is a fascinating place, full of weird and wonderful creatures. My class is studying the rainforest soon so maybe we could look for this book – it might be useful if you included the author’s name too so readers could find the book too.

    Keep reading!

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