Niall-100 word challenge

                                                                             The horrid Henry series

I love the horrid Henry series because it is funny.I have read the whole series but two that are hard to find.My favourite parts are when he says nananananananana and nooooooooooooooo.He loves to flick food and pull pranks with his friend rude Ralph.He has a pet called Fang and an annoying teacher called Mrs battle-axe.Horrid Henry has an brother called perfect Peter also known as worm, smelly bottom and nappy baby.He has his own club called the Purple hand club.His headteacher is call Mrs odd bod.His favourite band is called the Killer Boy rats. The end of Henry

2 thoughts on “Niall-100 word challenge

  1. Niall, you described the main characters in the Horrid Henry books really well. I used to read these to my daughter when she was younger and we used to laugh a lot! I think you chose a great book to write about and Francesca Simon is certainly a great author I’m sure you agree. Thank you for choosing this and reminding me and others what a great set of books these are.
    Mrs Prior – Team 100WC

  2. Hi Niall – this is excellent – i know these books and you have captured all the best bits in your short description. Having a 9 year old son i have to say i’m glad he is more like Horrid Henry than Perfect Peter – it makes life more fun! who do you think you are more like? Well done. Caroline Team 100wc

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