Sonny 100 word challenge



“Connor!” Haythem screamed as he pulled me off my horse. “We must finish this.” We’d been feuding for years and we won’t be for any longer. I climbed up and brandished my sword. Haythem did the same. We charged and clashed swords. He struck and I parried sending his sword skittering across the muddy battlefield. He then chucked his dagger and struck me in the hand. My eyes clouded. I recoiled and punched my father in tjhe jaw. I recovered from the state and knocked him to the mud and drove my sword into his heart. I walked away triumphant.

One thought on “Sonny 100 word challenge

  1. Sonny –

    This is very exciting action – really rather bloodthirsty! There are some great words used here like “brandished”, “triumphant” and “recoiled”, which show that you’ve been paying lots of attention to language.

    It would be great to know more about where the inspiration for this scene came from: a book, a film, or maybe a game (I have my suspicions!).

    Great writing: well done!


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