100 Word Challenge – week 3#

Here is this week’s prompt from Mrs Skinner.

This week we are using a different type of prompt. You will have 5 words to use in your writing. They can be anywhere in the piece and in any order but you have to use them all! That means you have 105 words this week. The words are:-






The link will stay open until 9pm Oct 2nd.


New 100 Word Challenge – week 2#

Here is the new challenge from Mrs Skinner.

Please look carefully at the prompt. What do you notice? It does not have a capital letter so you can put it anywhere in your work. It does not have to go at the beginning!

… we were just sitting down for dinner when…

You have 100 words to add to these 8 to make a creative piece of writing. The link will close at 9pm on Tuesday 25th September

New 5 Sentence Challenge

Here is the new 5 Sentence challenge from Mrs Skinner.

Welcome to the first 5 Sentence Challenge of the year. The 5SC challenge of for our younger writers or those who find 100 words a little too challenging at the moment.

You have to write 5 sentences on the picture below.

We are starting off with a picture of a time back in history around 1900. There are lots of things to look at so choose carefully.

Post your sentences on your class blog. The link will stay open for two weeks until Wednesday 26th September.



100 Word Challenge

Here is the first 100 Word Challenge for the new school year from Mrs Skinner.

Welcome to the first 100 Word Challenge of this year! It promises to be a great year with lots of brilliant prompts to help with your writing.

The first prompt is:

…. looking behind me, I saw …

You have 100 words plus the 5 in the prompt. Really think hard about the words you use and don’t forget to make your pieces as exciting and creative as possible.

The link will open at midnight and stay open until 9pm (GMT+1) on Tues 18th September.

Please make sure you fist the 100 W C blog and comment on at least 2 posts.