17/11/12 basketball match

I just saw the basket ball match between  Hemel Storms and LSBU Brixton Top cats. Hemel Storms won with 89 points and LSBU Brixton Top cats lost with 54 points. I went with my little brother Carlton and my best friend Sonny and his mum. We were going to get our basketballs signed but we didn’t, because we didn’t know what it was like there . About 3 or 4 minutes after we sat down my other best friend Jadon sat down next to me. It was a fun game but i starved to death. I wish i could go again. If i do go again i will take my basketball and get it signed. 🙂

Sophie a 100 word challenge

One sunny morning there lived a little boy. He was called tommy. He had an annoying   little sister. She was evil, her black hair flipped in the moonlight! She was called Suzie; however people called her creepy Suzie. The next morning she screamed the house down and tared the carpet to shreds…Because her mum would not let her go to the park! In the end her mum gave up! They went to the park midnight strut   Suzie was at the park alone …

Suddenly Suzie looked in the bush all she could see was two red eyes…she screamed and ran home .she learnt her lesson once and for all…

Tylers 100 word challenge

The gleaming red eyes

It was the night of my worst night-mare. All I could hear was the crooked cackling of the 2 wicked witches. It was the night of my grandfather’s death he was only 59 years old. That was when the mystery was created for all of us.

The next day I went out for this magnificent mystery to be solved. It was then when all I could see was to red eyes …. It was nun less than the dragon-like trickster he told me the story my grandfather was persecuted. My mother had lied to me I was furious. I went back to my mother and screamed in her considerate face.  MYSTERY SOLVED.

100 Word Challenge – week#8

Here is a special 100 word challenge from Mrs Skinner.

This week we are teaming up with Gransnet. Did you know they have their own web site and blogs?Although you may think it is just for grandmothers, it is actually for GRANDPARENTS  We are hoping that they will join 100 Word Challenge by commenting on your posts.

The prompt this week is:

Grandparents are important because…

You may like to write about those special times with your grand parents or perhaps what it is like if you do not see them. As usual, you have 100 words to add to the 4 above. Do make sure you visit other posts and leave a comment. It will show our new commentators how to do it! Do also go and visit the Gransnet web site and leave some comments on their blogs!

The link will be open until 9pm (GMT) 13th November.

100 Word Challenge – week#7

Here is the new 100 Word Challenge from Mrs Skinner.

I don’t want you to be scared but the prompt this week is linked to Halloween! It is:-

… all I could see were two red eyes ….

Don’t forget, you have 100 words to produce a really creative piece of writing. Do go and visit other entries and leave a comment. It is sharing our views that makes our writing better.

The link will be open until 9pm (GMT) 6th November.

5 Sentence Challenge

Here is the new 5 Sentence Challenge from Mrs Skinner. We now have a blog just for the 5 Sentence Challenge.

The prompt this time has links with the weather again. This time you have to think about

Warm Clothes

You could think what it means if you need warm clothes or what sort of clothes you need to keep warm. What events might you need warm clothes? As usual, you have to write 5 sentences. Let’s see if we can really concentrate on a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end.

The link will be open until 9pm (GMT) on 14th November