Abbie 100 word challenge

One gloomy night  there was a weird squeaking noise coming  and shoe cumbered  suddenly it stopped then she started to scream mum dad there a noise here mum said go back to sleep nothing is there he said she herd it again.  Suddenly I opened the shoe cumbered and it disappeared!



The next morning I went to school, I saw people sneaking from school  the gates and making a weird noise!…Everyone was so scared they screamed and ran away nervously. Suddenly all I could see were two red eyes staring right back at me …

What else could happen? The darkness scared me a lot we all ran out crying.

Sophie S 100 word challenge

One mysterious night there was A wired, evil creepy little girl called Shannon. Her mother was the creepiest in the town. She had a enormous scar across her face. Also she has bulging red eyes, long black hair, razor sharp teeth and pale gleaming skin. One night Shannon’s mum went to hunt for meat wile Shannon stayed at home.  It was getting late and Shannon’s mum was still not back. So Shannon went to the forest to search for her mum. Just then all she saw was to red eyes…! The red eyes emerged out of the trees it was her mother! She ran away before her mother could hurt her.