Tyler 5 Sentence Challenge

As the sun beamed down on the magnificent sea side, the children were laughing their socks off, licking delectable ice cream and dripping it on the jagged ground, while the adults were having a g – o- b – s – m – a – c – k – i – n –g – l –y immense time in the glorious amber sun. There were people sailing across the elegant ultramarine sea with only miniscule waves to roll over. The smell of fish and chips filled the air and the children are desperate to TASTE THE DIVINE TASTE OF THE SALT AND VINIGAR. The clock house stood 50 feet tall above everything; was an idol to the birds. The was a photographer taking pictures and then selling them for money she could live a better life.

SophieA 5 Sentece Challenge

AS the sun rose there were a happy mum and dad by the seaside taking photographs.

Near the clear aqua sea there was a joyful man selling cold vanilla ice cream.

In the scorching hot sun people were building sandcastles, while eating fish and chips.

At the beach dogs were enjoying themselves chasing after pigings, and they would not stop barking!

Samuel 5 Sentence challenge

While the breathe taking sun beamed down on the joyful city ” Weymouth” , the children happily  splashed into the refreshing pool. Also , the clock ticking tower  shaded the incessant villagers, and don’t forget the scrunches ice-creams. But those sneaky seagulls never give up on finding leftover bread crumbs on the scraping concrete. Finally, all the boats horned goodbye as the bright sun faded  away , and the midnight moon said” hello Weymouth” goodnight.

Sophie 5 Sentence Challenge

A   jolly happy ice-cream man is selling lolly pops. People are scorching hot while eating fish and chips. A   feisty little dog is chasing after seagulls. A happy family is taking photographs by the sea shore. The aqua sea flowing left and right.

5 sentense challenge by maddie

In Weymouth, everybody is having lots of fun in the sun and there are lots of people enjoying their ice cream.  Children and their parents are all swishing and swashing in the water.  Some people are sun bathing but others are not. While the ice cream man as getting busy, the sea gulls where eating all the ice cream.  Most of the people’s dogs are all running about and are enjoying the sunshine.

5 Sentence Challenge – Lucas

As  the white puffy clouds  rose  in   the  bright  blue sky  the  seagulls  were  flying  and  people   were  getting  delicious  flavoured  ice  cream. Great  Brittan  flags  were  swishing  side  to  side  as  people  were  taking  pictures  with their  cameras .Also people  were  looking  at  the  sea  that  was  swishing  as  the   boats  were  sailing . Girls ; boys  were  getting  fish  and  chips  while  there  mums  were  trying  to  find    money. People were  sun bathing   and  relaxing  in  the  sun also  people  were  trying  to  by  ice  creams  but  the  cue  had a lot  of  people  about  100 and  people  were  getting  board  of  wting.

5 Sentence Challenge

At the busy beach it was very windy.

A young person is impatiently waiting for a snowy ice cream.

The seagulls swishing around search for crumbs.

A bright green bus driving through the crowd with passengers looking at the bright blue sea.

A little dog ready to pounce on top of a nosy seagull.