100 Word Challenge – World book day special

This week’s challenge from Mrs Skinner.

This week on 6th March we celebrate WORLD BOOK DAY

Save the Children, together with Beanstalk are very aware that not being able to read handicaps children’s progress and have launched a campaign and programme called Born to Read for children who are struggling.

This is a big task and so they have asked if 100 Word Challenge can join in the campaign to  ‘Change the Story’ for children.

The prompt this week is to chose your favourite fairy story and rewrite it in 100 words changing the ending.

The link will be open until Saturday 8th March

Can you rewrite your favourite story. Post it by logging into our blogs or add to the comments under this post.

Year’s 3 & 4 Animations

Year’s 3 & 4 have been using Pivot stick animator for the second week, this week they added a background before creating an animation.

Click on the image to see the animation.

maiseyt lucas and macy 1 logan and Lucie taxi leya jamie pivot animations laura messing arond kyel kassar and lewis the goal keeper jodie snake fright, be careful in the destart jaymee animationJaicee pivot proposal Jadon and Della jack isabella imagin deanne horror movie by tia holly harvey Harve and Emily football Animation hannah animation Gioia pivot animation. second one gymnastics gabriels asteroud filmfaithr Ellie pivot comtempry dance in france ellie h and lizzy Ella YOLO dive werewe con daninl dainel t courtneyt and ryanp Colie great wall of China Animation Cody V christopher charlie b animation callum and parisabrooke and friends jumping archiem Anthony new york aniekan and leea 2 underwater fight andrew and lucie 2 rainforest aleks pivot animation. adamc AbigailC's pivot anamation. Second one. tyler and ashleigh dancing football sophies and jasper sophie and theresa new york Sonny and carlton superman saviorsamuel and jacob ruby and bradley football Nojus . be careful in africa. ned and charlotte animal party mia g


We hope you enjoy their work and would love to hear your comments.

Year 3 & 4 Pivot Animations 2013

Years 3 & 4 are using Pivot Stick animator to create animations.
Last year Drew E. created a tutorial for using Pivot.
Pivot can be downloaded from here, it is free!

Drew also made an animation. Click on the image to view.

Here are some of our animations! Click on the picture to view.

bradley charlie brooke ashleigh tyler Archie anthoneyaniekan and leea aleks abbie harvey ellie dniel daniel neill cody christopher lizzy leya ellie lee laurakye kassar jodiee1 jodie jamieel jadon jaciee isabella imagin harvey lewis hannah gioia gabrial faith emily_

Please comment on our work!

Next week we will be animating characters on to picture backgrounds.



5 Sentence Challenge – #15

Here is this week’s challenge from Mrs Skinner.

The prompt this time is another theme. It is:

Under the Sea

Now it can be factual or imaginative because I know how you are all writing fantastic stories with your 5 sentences.

If you can, why not visit some other children’s entries and leave a comment  We all love comments on our work!

The link will be open until 22nd May


100 Word Challenge – # Week 30

Here is this week’s challenge from Mrs Skinner.

This week is Children’s Book Week and Chris Beazley at Shenfield St Mary’s School suggested we did something about reading to celebrate!

So the prompt is not specific words but I want you to use 100 words to describe your favourite book or to re-write your favourite scene from a book you have read.

You still only have 100 words to use and of course it needs to be really descriptive for your readers. The link will close on Saturday 18th May.

Please also visit the 100 Word Challenge blog and comment on other people’s work.

5 Sentence Challenge – Lucas

As  the white puffy clouds  rose  in   the  bright  blue sky  the  seagulls  were  flying  and  people   were  getting  delicious  flavoured  ice  cream. Great  Brittan  flags  were  swishing  side  to  side  as  people  were  taking  pictures  with their  cameras .Also people  were  looking  at  the  sea  that  was  swishing  as  the   boats  were  sailing . Girls ; boys  were  getting  fish  and  chips  while  there  mums  were  trying  to  find    money. People were  sun bathing   and  relaxing  in  the  sun also  people  were  trying  to  by  ice  creams  but  the  cue  had a lot  of  people  about  100 and  people  were  getting  board  of  wting.