Year’s 3 & 4 Animations

Year’s 3 & 4 have been using Pivot stick animator for the second week, this week they added a background before creating an animation.

Click on the image to see the animation.

maiseyt lucas and macy 1 logan and Lucie taxi leya jamie pivot animations laura messing arond kyel kassar and lewis the goal keeper jodie snake fright, be careful in the destart jaymee animationJaicee pivot proposal Jadon and Della jack isabella imagin deanne horror movie by tia holly harvey Harve and Emily football Animation hannah animation Gioia pivot animation. second one gymnastics gabriels asteroud filmfaithr Ellie pivot comtempry dance in france ellie h and lizzy Ella YOLO dive werewe con daninl dainel t courtneyt and ryanp Colie great wall of China Animation Cody V christopher charlie b animation callum and parisabrooke and friends jumping archiem Anthony new york aniekan and leea 2 underwater fight andrew and lucie 2 rainforest aleks pivot animation. adamc AbigailC's pivot anamation. Second one. tyler and ashleigh dancing football sophies and jasper sophie and theresa new york Sonny and carlton superman saviorsamuel and jacob ruby and bradley football Nojus . be careful in africa. ned and charlotte animal party mia g


We hope you enjoy their work and would love to hear your comments.

27 thoughts on “Year’s 3 & 4 Animations

  1. I loved your animation because it was not to jumpy and it was also very lively, however there is one thing I think you could inproove maybe for next time change the colour so I know wich team they are playing for.Apart from that I loved it.
    Hannah xx

  2. well done evreyone i enjoyed waching your animations mabey next time you can use more deatales.

  3. Ellie B’s is one of my favroites such as gioia’s, Ellie yours is creative my sister loves dance if i show her she will….EXPLODE it’s so good. Gioia you really capture the esinse of gmynastics.Please carry on girls. It’s amazing:~)

  4. To gioia your stick man is a rilly good stick man it is the best ive seen.

  5. Della ,Jadon and the rest of year 3 and 4 you done the best pivotstick man E V E R

  6. Jaicee’s was one off my favorites and Colies was too. Well done to everyone!

  7. I have worked really hard on my animation. Thanks to our teachers, we have learned new things.

  8. great videos it took lot os inspiration keep up the good work

  9. well done year 3 and4 i really enjoed your pivot stick man.

  10. I have found out how creative and imagnitve children we are, thanks to our school for teaching us, I’m really impressed with ourselfs ! thanks for sharing your animations and keep up the good work:)

  11. Well done Abigal C it is really good I like it you are good at pivot

  12. All of them were so excellent that I like to see it again!!!!

  13. I have enjoyed looking at these.They are very good.Well done!

  14. welldone everyone that has tried to make an anamation they are all brilliant and i love the one where the people jumping off of the ivaltover.

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