poem ideas By Nojus

One little otter,

had a daughter,

her name was Amber.

she was grand and she was graceful,

 Not at all like her mother ,

she had a world of her own,

and also a language of her own.

One little otter,

had a daughter ,

and her name was Amber.

Thats not all!

This poem is an American one at least 100 years old, it is a cliniquian.

Who likes how to train your dragon books?




as toothless as a dream.


5 sentence challenge The floating adventure By Nojus

As the old man held the velvety ,thin rope he started to heave rapidly ,as the poles were were rusty and raged.  It was a matter of fact that all of the features  stayed on for more balanced flight however as he pulled and pulled pieces stared to drop.Filled with luck a family swarm of gentle flying turtles were indeed travelling past.Sadly he had no other choice but to leave the only place he had been,but he wasn’t afraid as their main job is to give living objects rides.(Like Taxis basically),this meant that his journey had begun…