Ellie B all about me

Hello my name is Ellie,

  • I have a cat called Merlin and he’s Black. 
  • Also I have a brother called Corey he is 5 years old.
  • My favorite thing to do is to play with my friend Madeline.
  • Although I like to see my family, when they come to visit us, because they live in a different place far away.
  • Also when I have spear  time sometimes I just lay on the sofa.

Also I like to play a game me and my brother and my friend made up called funny things witch is  a game where you have to do funny things to make people laugh.

Thank you everyone how will comment and read my work.

Ellie B 100 word challenge

My favourite book is: Night Night Poppy.

This book is about a girl called Poppy that couldent find her favourite teddy called Growly Ted. Its a very funny book, I shall tell you much more.

Poppy was about to go to sleep when she foud out she had lost her favourite bear, so insted she went to bed with her toy Quacky duck instead. But she couldent get to sleep the bed was not right so Poppy went and got Hooty owl. Suddenly her cushion was lumpy so she looked under there was her teddy Growly Ted.

Poppy fell asleep.