Jodie 100 word Challenge

125 true amazing facts about animals

125 true amazing facts about animals is true storys about amazing animals. My favourite part is a paragraph about a dog riding a pony. The dog sites on the pony as she takes it for a ride. It also talks about dogs to mice saving there family and even people who isn’t there family. it is the best book ever! I love animals therefore I really like it. On the first page it had a picture of a dog sitting on the back of the car and in the front seet there is a bull sitting there.

All about Jodie!


I love to play with my dog, who is called Ace, he is a Springer Spaniel. He is so cute. I also  like to play with my friends. When my brother is not at football and it is nice outside we like playing outside with each other with my dog. Sometimes we paly piggy in the middle with and Ace is the piggy.


On Tuesdays I go gymnastics. On Thursdays I go drama and dance. It is very mad on Thursdays as when I come in from drama I have to quickly eat my dinner, have a five minuetes rest, get dressed and after 10 minuetes I go to dance.

My favourite animal

I love all animals, but my three favourite ones in order are:

1. dog

2. horse

3. pig

I love aniamls!