Abigail and Gioia’s100 word challenge

As the scorching sun rose I just remembered it was book day at school.  As I packed my bag for school, my mum softly said to me that it was too early to leave for school yet darling so I sat on the sofa and watched t-v. I was so impationt. It felt like the clock wosan’t eavan mooving just an inch! The cock ticked at 9am and I zoomed to school. As soon as I arived at school, I approched the hall to see all of the books. My favorite book was princess bella. It had a ruby red cover. I loved it to pieace.

4 thoughts on “Abigail and Gioia’s100 word challenge

  1. Me and Abigail tried very hard to write this piece of writing. Thank you very much for those good comments.

  2. Brilliant use of adjectives! This is very well written and you can imagine it well. Try and get your teachers to check your spelling but you’ve done very well! Keep writing!

  3. Brilliant use of adjectives! The description was excellent! My only advice is to get your teachers to check your spelling, but you’ve done very well! Keep writing!

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