Hannah 100 word challenge

My favrot book is Matilda,

Because it is funny to me and it is a Roald Dahl book and I collect those books.I have also got the movie of it and lots of other stuff about it aswell. Also I engoy the part when her lazy horrible brother got splat in the face with a cake and poor sweet Matilda get her favrot cake and a fork.She has a horrible faimly of a mum, dad and a brother.When she went toschool she found it had ahorrible head teacher.Althougth she did not like her head teacher she addored lovely miss honey.


2 thoughts on “Hannah 100 word challenge

  1. Thank you for recommending this book – my class will enjoy reading it. You have given us lots to look forward to with all the information and opinions you included in your review.

  2. Hannah, this is one of my favourite books too! Your review is good as it has given us lots of information about the book and the way that you have repeated the word ‘horrible’ is really effective. I also like how you’ve said she ‘adored’ Miss Honey as that is a very powerful word to choose.

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