100 word challenge

its book week and also my clases turn to check out the cool new books. when the class reached the small hall i looked at at a awsam book called Dairy of a wimpy kid. at last it was the end of the day. so i asked my mum if she coud by it for me. we  whent  to look at the price and yelled”THAT IS WAY TO MUCH” she dropped the book to the ground and marched out. the next day i worked my head of to earn the right amount  of money to bye the book myself. finley i did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Holly

  1. Hi Holly
    I am delighted you were able to get your hands on the diary of a wimpy kid after wanting it that much! Have you read it yet? The children in class have and it certainly causes lots of giggles!
    Miss T team 100wc

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