Ruby M 100 word chalange

I have a book called one direction forever young it is writen by Simon Cow the one who had in his group. I have the book because I love them they are the best boy band ever. my hoel famlie wanted them to win on the x factor and they did. my friends love them to they have the same book. i ador it and read it every night befor bed and keep it under my pillow. My book is really spesial i have a furry case so it is diskized then no body can find it.

One thought on “Ruby M 100 word chalange

  1. Ruby,
    Aren’t books wonderful? And it is especially nice that you can share the group’s appeal with friends and family. Be mindful of using upper case on book titles! Keep up the good writing for the 100WC–I enjoyed reading your paragraph. (English Teacher, Ocean City, NJ, USA)

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